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Company History

In 1989 two medical professionals, a physician and a pharmaceutical chemist, founded Fallene, Ltd. They set out to produce the most complete, full-spectrum sunscreen available for light-sensitive individuals, particularly those patients with photosensivity and skin cancer. Their achievement was the development of the most advanced light-protective, full-spectrum sunscreen system that was then combined with multiple cellular protectants. This complete system would both reduce the impact of the sun's photo damaging radiation on the skin, and act as an aid in reversing skin damage at the cellular level

Total Block® was introduced to the dermatologic community in 1994. Since that time, Fallene has grown to offer a family of products, all of which offer the most complete full-spectrum light protection available. The product line includes a non-comedogenic SPF 65 sunscreen and an SPF 60 tinted foundation. In addition, two mineral based products are available whose active ingredients are only titanium and zinc and are free of chemical sunscreens; an SPF 58 water-resistant formula and an SPF 45 lip balm.

Fallene's products are recommended by physicians and skin care professionals around the world. These products are used not only by medically photo-sensitive individuals, but by those who are concerned about maintaining their skin's healthy appearance and more importantly, promoting the integrity of their immune system.