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"I am an Asian suffering from acne problems for years. My dermatologist helped my acne problem and also introduced me to Fallene Total Block. I tried it once, and loved it. I have been faithfully using my Total Block Clear SPF65 for 2 years now. I referred many of my friends about this and all of them like it as well. Thanks." - Candy

"I have a rare skin disorder known as DSAP-Disseminated Superficial Actinic Porokeratoses. My dermatologist told me about your product and I have used you Total Block® Clear SPF65 all summer long. My skin condition prohibits me from getting any sun because the sun-damaged spots on my arms and legs will get worse without protection or total cover. I will have you know that I have been to the Caribbean on a cruise this summer and have been able to enjoy my boat most every weekend thanks to your product. I have gotten total sun protection." - Webb

"Total Block is wonderful, it has changed my life! When I was ten years old I was diagnosed with vitaligo. A few small white spots appeared on my knees, now 18 years later I have lost all my pigment. I am left with pure white skin (finally no more blotches), but the sun has become my enemy. A quick walk around the block with my two little boys, and I would be badly burned. I began to dread the spring season, knowing that soon my skin would again be exposed and painful. I felt like I was literally on fire when I was in the sun. I tried every kind of sun block, SPF 25, 35, 45, and all yielded the same result - painful sunburn.

Last summer I went to my dermatologist, as a nurse and I were concerned about the effects of repeated sunburn on my skin. I received a brochure for Total Block, but at this point I was skeptical. I was sure nothing would work, but I ordered a bottle out of desperation, and thank goodness I did! I have used it religiously ever since and I have not burned. My kids and I spend lazy afternoons around the pool. I can go to the brightest, sunniest parks without worrying about burning. The most amazing to me was our family vacation in Florida this past June. I was scared of that famous Florida sun, but after six fun and sun filled days, still no burn.

It is very difficult to express how hard it is to have to hide from the sun. Total Block has freed me from that worry. I can face the sun again, and enjoy its comforting warmth rather than dread its harmful effects. Thank you for creating Total Block, it allows me to enjoy all those outdoor activities my family loves. I am forever grateful!" - Liz

"After using all the best sunscreen products, a friend knowing my light skin problem, as a gift, gave me Fallene's Total Block Clear SPF65. I never used a better sunscreen. I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the tropical sun here really is too much for me. I congratulate you, and will soon order another one. Thanks." - Maria

"I suffer from rosacea, and the summertime is miserable for me. My sister picked up a sample of your Total Block Clear SPF65 sun block at a transplantation conference and passed it on to me. I am pleased to tell you that your product is the ONLY sun block I've been able to use comfortably and securely on my face.

Living in Oklahoma, where it's hot, sunny, and windy during the summer, it's been nearly impossible for me to go outside and "play with the other kids", so to speak. Now I can do so without the dread of "slathering up" with oily or heavy sunscreens. I still have to wear a hat and take other precautions, but with Total Block, I don't worry about m face being greasy or feeling uncomfortable. Now the only worry I have is about hat hair!

I'll certainly be using your product this weekend when I go to the Oklahoma City Air Show. Now I don't have to go to the air show's Friday evening performance - I can go to the day performances. The Blue Angels only fly during the day, so I'm very excited about this opportunity. Your product has given me back my freedom to do outdoors activities in the daytime, and I'm so grateful for this. Thank you, thank you, thank you." - Donna

"I have been using our tinted Total Block for several months now and I think it is wonderful. I have rosasea and every other makeup I have tried seems to irritate my skin. Yours does not. I recommend your product to everyone. The only thing I would like to see is for you to make the tinted product in a waterproof form because the tiniest amount of water causes the makeup to dissolve. Do you plan something like this in the future?"

"Hi-just tried your physical blocker SPF58. This is the best sunblock I've tried and I've tried them all! I can't believe you get the shearness in an SPF58 that spreads easily, is non-chemical, odor free and water resistant. This is the bomb! Now, if it proves to be non-comedogenic, I'm a fan for life and will spread the good word. I happened on a site that carries your lip block SPF45. Do you still manufacture this? You should--its very hard to find a mineral lip block in a small tube that has a high SPF and is tinted--WOW! You're the only one on the general market doing this--do you still make it? Thanks for your good work. I appreciate a product of this quality! - Debra""